At Grace, we have delved into many conversations about the importance of your personal information and what it means to others once you’ve passed away.

We have explored the complex matrix of problems many people encounter by being caught-out unprepared and are confident that by using our services, you will enable your loved ones a sense of peace and a much smoother process when dealing with such loss.

The thing is, there are several different companies that have developed very similar concepts with similar reasons. So, to really make a difference in this space, and to offer a way forward that also makes this seemingly unusual process one that people would not only need but want to adopt; we had to start going deeper into how we could make a real difference.

At first glance, it seems like we are in the ‘same space’ as companies like Farewill or Dead Happy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, logistics are important – writing a will, getting insurance sorted, is absolutely vital…but over and above the ‘paperwork’, these services address none of the emotional contexts that go into creating a legacy.

We knew we wanted to really step into this space with heart but also didn’t want the focus to be only on your life once you’ve gone, we wanted to help you create and manage your life’s legacy while you’re still living it.

So we decided that in order to create an intricate and accurate legacy, we had to enable more than just what’s available to us (in other words, what Facebook or Instagram offers in regards to memories, good times and fun photos). We want to give actual context to those moments. Why those moments mattered to you. What the cherished moments behind the photos meant. Rather than just static profile information, we discovered a major need to add some personality to the act of creating your life’s story…and so, Grace was born.

Technology has come an incredibly long way and the first signs of Artificial Intelligence have been making its way into our homes and lives through multiple devices in different ways. It offers us the ability to advance and refine processes that revolutionise the way we operate in our daily lives. What hasn’t been linked in this space before is how we can merge our current digital footprints to who we really are as personalities – for numerous generations. This is where Grace comes in.

As Grace comes to market, and you connect various pieces of information, Grace starts learning about who you are – at a pace you desire, and only using the information you want Grace to help you collect. From the moment you begin, Grace is designed to gently prompt you to fill in the gaps allowing you to create the most accurate version of you and what matters in your life so that what you leave behind is a true reflection of you, rather than just a collection of official documents and photos frozen in time.

We want you to enjoy the process of working with Grace, and like a pocket-sized personal assistant on your phone, Grace can be available to you anywhere to take in all the details as they happen, building amazing memories, with context, depth and love to be handed down to only the most special ones in your life; filled with your genuine detailed digital journey.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we progress in our development and, if you are able, please do support the launch of our new crowdfunding campaign here.

With love, With Grace, innovating the way you build your legacy.