Introducing With Grace

Firstly I’d like to welcome you to my very first blog post for With Grace. I’m Vanessa, one of the founding team.

To all of you reading this, it’s possible you’re here because you are somewhat connected to the sentiment that With Grace represents. Maybe this has touched you in some way through your own personal experience of losing someone close? Or, potentially, this has opened up a series of thoughts that either you or your family could benefit by not only having a With Grace account; but also openly bringing forward necessary conversations that, if had now, can change the way the future could be experienced from a post-life perspective.

In future posts I plan to feel-out each part of these topics by going through and opening up the challenging components of death in life. How we grieve, how we cope, what makes it harder for some than others or how how death may even offer relief, reprieve or sanction in knowing a loved one may no longer be in pain and fighting inside a body that has potentially given up through illness.

No matter how we look at it though, this subject is raw, it’s challenging, it’s sensitive and is felt and dealt with so uniquely by each and every one of us. There is no right or wrong way in this space. It’s only up to each person’s individual coping mechanisms to loss and death itself, and how each person will manage that process if the unfortunate time lands unexpectedly on ones doorstep. We will all experience it differently and that is totally ok.

Another unique perspective I want to cover is what type of unique lens do we see our own fate in? Is it fearful, is it faithful, has it even crossed your mind? Are you in any way prepared? Or are you currently facing it head on with a diagnosis of a terminal illness? How does even thinking about our own death make us feel?

All subjects that some of us may never have even touched on, or thought about, that will be the topics for future posts.

What we need to be clear about here however, is what we wish to create around With Grace. It is exactly this: Graciousness. Grace coming from the Latin word Gratus – meaning pleasing or thankful. Graciousness being warm, kind, courteous, thoughtful and compassionate.

It is our absolute passion behind the development of this company to enable as much awareness and assistance that we can in the context of death management. But most of all, offering light through loss.

With love, from Vanessa, With Grace.